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berlebihan, mustahil,

Other Mathes:
far far, far fetched far fetched is, far very far, farfetched farfetched is, how far fetched, how far how far, how remote really how remote
it is a bit much, it is a iittle excessive, it is a little excessive, it is a little farfetched, it is a little much, it is a little overwhelming, this a bit too much
yeah sounds a little farfetched
farfetched as it may sound
a bit preoccupied, a bit too much, a iittle excessive, a little bit too hard, a little excessive, a little farfetched, a little intense, a little over excited, a little over the top, a little overwhelming, a little redundant
a little farfetched, too absurd

English to English

('f/A/r'f/E//tS/t )
adjective (a)

Brought from far, or from a remote place.
bawa dari jauh, atau dari jauh tempat.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

highly imaginative but unlikely
tapi tidak sangat imajinatif
A farfetched excuse.
source: wordnet30

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