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fadil, kesohor, masyhur, orang terkenal, terkenal dengan banyaknya orang, terkenal di, terkenal oh ya, terkenal seperti, terkenal yang, terkenal yg, terkenal, terkenalnya, termasyhur, yang terkenal di, yang terkenal, yg terkenal,

Other Mathes:
a big fat stinking hit, a somebody, are famous, are legendary, are relatively well known
a british subject, a bunch of wanna hes, be famous, be like famous, be popular
a famous man, a famous person, a famous, anyone famous, famous guy, famous misfits, famous people, famous person, guy with the microphone, some famous guy, someone famous, someone so prestigious, something yes sir, the leading man, the popular crew, those famous
be famous for, became known in the, became known in, becoming famous on, biggest name in, casted in, convening at, famous around, famous in, famous man in, famous of, famous one in, famous over, infamous in, is famous in, is well known over, made famous in, more popular at, popular at, popular in, popular station, really famous in, renowned in, the biggest name in, the toast of, well known in
about to become famous, am famous, are about to become famous, are gonna be famous, going to be famous, gonna be famous, is going to be famous, will be famous, will become famous, will go through the roof, will make it big, would get famous
he famously, he is a famous, he is a hit
famous enough, is becoming quite famous, is infamous, is quite famous, kind of famous, pretty famous, pretty public, pretty well known, quite common, quite famous by, quite famous, quite infamous, quite popular, quite well known, was a bestseller though
a whole another level alright, my friend became famous, us all famous
be anonymous, did not get famous, do not get famous
a famous, famous, of some note well, of the famous, that famous, the famous, the infamous, the notorious, the world famous, very famous
about to become famous, flowers are going corporate, going to be famous, gonna get fame, have be known, right back on top, seminal, will be as famous, will be famous, will famous, would be famous
am i famous, i am a kook, i am famous, i am known, i am outstanding, i am popular, i am wicked famous, i was famous, i was known, l am famous, me famous, shoot him quickly shoot him, yeah i am known
famous then, infamous, know the famous, of those famous, that famous, this famous, those famous
is infamous in, is quite famous in, pretty famous around
you are catching on, you are famous, you are renowned

English to English

('f/eI/m/@/s )
adjective (a)

Celebrated in fame or public report; renowned; mach talked of; distinguished in story; -- used in either a good or a bad sense, chiefly the former; often followed by for; as, famous for erudition, for eloquence, for military skill; a famous pirate.
dirayakan di ketenaran atau laporan publik; terkenal; mach berbicara dari; dibedakan dalam cerita; - - juga digunakan dalam yang bagus atau aneh yang buruk, terutama mantan; sering mengikuti aku/ aku; sebagai, aku terkenal/ untuk pengetahuan saya, untuk fasihat, kemampuan untuk militer; aku terkenal/ aku bajak laut.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

widely known and esteemed
luas dikenal dan terhormat
A famous actor.
source: wordnet30

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