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kejatuhan, kesan sampingan,

Other Mathes:
a collapse, a slump, bother of the fall, downfall, fallout of, fallout, for falling, gonna get crushed, of the fail
are blowing the fallout to, blowing the fallout to
are blowing the fallout, blowing the fallout
that i hold a sanctuary, there a fallout shelter
will sustain significant nuclear fallout
the fallout was unimaginable
winds are blowing the fallout
what is a little fallout
the fallout drift would head
the fallout drift would
the fallout drift
to the holy fallout
were in our fallout shelter
a disagreement, a little fallout or whatever, and he had serious words
fallout shelter

English to English

('f/O/l,/AU/t )
noun (n)

the radioactive particles that settle to the ground after a nuclear explosion
the partikel radioaktif yang menetap di kawasan itu setelah ledakan nuklir
source: wordnet30
any adverse and unwanted secondary effect
setiap merugikan dan tak diinginkan sekunder efek
A strategy to contain the fallout from the accounting scandal.
side effect
source: wordnet30

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