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rela akan, sudi,

Other Mathes:
desire to bar us, to bar us, to divert us, to turn us away, wish to avert us, would fain turn us away
disobeyed the apostle would fain
a fain tournament, be a fair fight
at us from, avert us from, bar us from, divert us from, fain turn us away from, prevent us from, turn us away from
at us, avert us, bar us, divert us, fain turn us away, prevent us, turn us away
fain would they put out, they desire to extinguish, they desire to put out, they seek to extinguish, they want to extinguish, they wish to extinguish
fain would they deceive allah, they deceive god, they desire to deceive allah, they seek to deceive allah, they seek to deceive god, they think to beguile allah, they think to deceive allah, they try to deceive god, they wish to deceive allah, they would deceive allah, they would trick god
fain would they deceive, they deceive, they desire to deceive, they seek to deceive, they think to beguile, they think to deceive, they thus try to deceive, they try to deceive, they wish to deceive, they would deceive, they would trick
fain would they, they desire a, they desire to, they seek to, they think to, they try to, they were about to, they will desire to, they wish to, they would seek to
a fair deal, a fair fight, fain tournament, fair fight
a fair fight, fain tournament
the apostle would fain

English to English

(f/eI/n )
adjective (a)

Well-pleased; glad; apt; wont; fond; inclined.
well pleased; senang; apt; wont; suka; cenderung.
source: webster1913

adverb (r)

in a willing manner
dalam cara yang rela
I would fain do it.
source: wordnet30
With joy; gladly; -- with wold.
dengan sukacita; dengan senang hati; - - aku dengan wold/ aku.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

having made preparations
menjadikan persiapan
source: wordnet30

verb (v)

To be glad ; to wish or desire.
untuk bergembira; harap atau diharapkan.
source: webster1913

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