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Hasil Carian: faded

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alum, dawas, hilang, malis, memudar, mulai kabur, pudar,

Other Mathes:
all faded, all wilted, been dissolved, daily end, dry all up, fade out, fade the sound, fade trail color into, fade, faded limes, faded, fades, get faded, lessen, losin him, overcast, run cold, sallow, to blur, to fade, waning, washy
faded, had faded off, had faded that, had faded
degrading, diminish, drain out, fade away, fade, faded away, faded that, faded, fades away, fades then, fades
had faded, paint faded
hope had faded that, hope had faded
fade from, faded from, had faded off
all hope had faded that, all hope had faded
faded, is any more, was all faded
has already been dissolved, has faded, have all wilted
a faintest, faded, fading away
blg fallon have we faded
fallon have we faded into
fallon have we faded
their very existence faded away
going to reduce, is going to reduce, will have faded

English to English

adjective (a)

That has lost freshness, color, or brightness; grown dim.
yang telah kehilangan kesegaran, warna, atau kecerahan; tumbuh redup.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

having lost freshness or brilliance of color
setelah kehilangan kesegaran atau hebat warna
Faded jeans.
source: wordnet30
reduced in strength
pengeluaran dalam kekuatan
The faded tones of an old recording.
source: wordnet30

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