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bermuka, berwajah, dihadapi, dihadapkan, kauhadapi, menghadapi, telah menghadapi, yang dihadapi,

Other Mathes:
faced piece of, faced piece, faced sneak, faced, faceless, has a fucking face, one with face of, one with face
faced a, had faced, had to make, have faced, have now faced, have observed
i am faced with, i am facing, i am headed into, i am to fight, i confront, i face, i faced, i have faced, ifaced, me confront, me facing, me to face, see i am dealing with, three years i work with, years i work with
be faced, face the kind, faced by, faced
are confronted by, are confronted with, are faced with, are left with, confronted with
be exposed to the, be exposed to, be subject to, exhaustion fell into the arms, faced with quite, faced with, feel pummelled by the, feel pummelled by, is faced with
are confronted, are faced, be subject
it must be faced, it must deal, must be faced, need to be handled, to be faced, to face, will need to be handled
are faced, awaits, faced, that faced, which face
i have never faced, i ve never faced
faced bastard, faced fuckers
not faced, you have not faced
have not yet faced my, have not yet faced
has never meet, have never faced, ve never faced
insincere, mawkishness, so double faced, two faced

English to English

adjective (a)

having a face or facing especially of a specified kind or number; often used in combination
memiliki wajah atau menghadapi terutama dari tertentu seperti atau bilangan; yang sering digunakan dalam kombinasi
A neatly faced terrace.
source: wordnet30
Having (such) a face, or (so many) faces; as, smooth-faced, two- faced.
memiliki (seperti) wajah, atau (begitu banyak) wajah; sebagai, halus- aku hadapi/ aku, dua- aku hadapi/ aku.
source: webster1913

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