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bohong, dibuat buat, dibuat, dipalsukan, mengarang, palsu,

Other Mathes:
fabricated all of, fabricated all
ascribe falsehood to god, ascribed falsehood to god, attribute lies to allah, fabricate lie against allah, fabricate lies against allah, fabricated a lie about god, fabricated a lie against allah, fabricates a lie against god, fabricates lies about god, fabricateth a lie against allah, fabricating a lie against allah
ascribed falsehood to, attribute lies to, attributed lies to, fabricate lie against, fabricate lies against, fabricated a lie about, fabricated a lie against, fabricates a lie against, fabricates lies about, fabricateth a lie against, fabricating a lie against
he fabricated a lie about, he fabricated a lie against, he forged a lie about, he forged a lie against, he invent a lie about, he invented a falsehood against, he invented a lie about, he invented a lie concerning
did he invent a lie, has he fabricated a lie, has he forged a lie
fabricated, falsely invented, inventing
is perjured, o are fakes, r a false, takes no arguments, was a fake, was fabricated, was fake, were a fake, were fake, were fakes, were false
chicks have fabricated
fabricated a lie, forged a lie, invent a lie, invent lies, invents a lie, lie, tell a lie, telling lies
ai not no loan, based on fabricated nonexistent loans, not a loan
evidence fabricated by the falcon
evidence fabricated by the
evidence fabricated by
evidence fabricated
he fabricated the whole story

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adjective satellite (s)

formed or conceived by the imagination
atau yang dikandung oleh membentuk imajinasi
A fabricated excuse for his absence.
source: wordnet30

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