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bagus, fabel,

Other Mathes:
you look fab dad, young and fab
fab but i know
fab but i, fine but i, good but i am, good but i, good but l am, great but i am, great but i, great but my, is nice but i am, just fine but i, nice but i, that actually i know
be nice but, been great but, cool but, fab but, good but, good he, great but
the squals were fab
and a great, and amazing, and awesome, and fab, and fabulous, and gorgeous, and groovy
and it was excellent, and that is totally fab, and that is very good
and cool, and fab, and hunky
squals were fab
she looks fab
a fable, fab, fable
what a fab cracking day
all right dad, dad it was amazing, good dad, great dad, look fab dad, my big, were great daddy
that is totally fab but, that is very nice but
that be wonderful, that is awfully nice, that is really good, that is really nice, that is so good, that is totally fab, that is very good, that is very nice, that is very very good, that was actually pretty good, yeah that was pretty good

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adjective satellite (s)

extremely pleasing
sangat menyenangkan
A fabulous vacation.
source: wordnet30

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