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memperluaskan, mengembang,

Other Mathes:
a variable it expands, is a variable it expands, variable it expands
allah enlarges the sustenance of, allah enlargeth livelihood for, allah enlargeth the provision for, allah expanded the provision for, allah expandeth provision for, allah expands the provision for, allah extends provision for, allah grants the provision to, allah increased the sustenance for, allah increases the provision for, god dispenses the provisions to
allah enlarges the sustenance, allah enlargeth livelihood, allah enlargeth the provision, allah expanded the provision, allah expandeth provision, allah expands the provision, allah extends provision, allah grants the provision, allah increased the sustenance, allah increases the provision, allah maketh the provision wide
allah enlarges the, allah enlargeth the, allah enlargeth, allah expanded the, allah expandeth, allah expands the, allah extends, allah gives abundantly, allah grants the, allah increased the, allah increases the
free it expands to, free it expands
it expands to, it expands
enlarges, expands the means of life, expands things
it expands and contracts dramaticaily, it expands and contracts dramatically
all bloated and, deploy and, expand and, expanded and, expands and, fluffy and, grow to, heaving and, it expands and
all bloated, blossom when, dilating, expand, expands, flared ever, heaving, inflate do, inflate
certainly your lord makes plentiful, indeed your lord eases, indeed your lord expands, indeed your lord extends, lo thy lord enlargeth the
a variable it expands and, variable it expands and
amplifieth, enlarges, expands the means of life, expands things, increase wealth
ice expands metal does not
ice expands metal

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