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keterasingan, pengeluaran, penyingkiran,

Other Mathes:
you see is not exclusion
to the exclusion of everything
to the exclusion of
and despite, and putting aside, to the exclusion
origins of social exclusion
with it to the exclusion
expelled from, get booted out of, get kicked out of, got kicked out of, is rusticated from, join you in exclusion from, kicked out of, removed from, rusticated from, thrown out of, was discharged from
it to the exclusion of
it to the exclusion
shall join you in exclusion
alienation, exclusion, isolation
see is not exclusion
entering exclusion zone
the exclusion of everything else
the exclusion of everything

English to English

(/I/k'skl/u//Z//@/n )
noun (n)

the state of being excluded
keadaan dianaktirikan
source: wordnet30
the state of being excommunicated
keadaan menjadi dikucilkan
source: wordnet30
a deliberate act of omission
tindakan kelalaian disengaja
elision, exception
source: wordnet30
the act of forcing out someone or something
tindakan memaksa seseorang atau sesuatu
source: wordnet30
The act of excluding, or of shutting out, whether by thrusting out or by preventing admission; a debarring; rejection; prohibition; the state of being excluded.
tindakan excluding, atau untuk menutup keluar, apakah dengan thrusting oleh mencegah masuk atau keluar; sebuah debarring; penolakan; larangan; keadaan dianaktirikan.
source: webster1913

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