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mendukung, nikah,

Other Mathes:
shall espouse them to, shall espouse them, shall wed them to, shall wed them, will wed them to, will wed them
we shall espouse them to, we shall espouse them, we shall wed them to, we shall wed them, we will wed them to, we will wed them
and we shall espouse, and we shall wed, and we will wed
got to be part of, gotta be part of, have to be supportive, have to espouse, have to support, have to underpin, may support
shall espouse, shall wed, will wed
we shall espouse, we shall wed, we will wed
you gotta be part of, you have to espouse
espouse the cause of democracy
espouse the cause of, supporting the existence of the
besides our wedding, espouse, marriage ceremony
sure you have to espouse
to espouse the cause of

English to English

(/E/'sp/AU/z )
verb (v)

choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans
pilih dan ikuti; sebagai teori, ide, kebijakan, strategi atau rencana
The candidate espouses Republican ideals.
adopt, follow
source: wordnet30
take in marriage
ambil dalam perkahwinan
source: wordnet30
take up the cause, ideology, practice, method, of someone and use it as one's own
mengambil penyebab, ideologi, latihan, kaedah, seseorang dan menggunakannya sebagai satu sendiri
source: wordnet30
To betroth; to promise in marriage; to give as spouse.
untuk mendudukkan; untuk janji dalam perkahwinan; untuk memberikan sebagai pasangan.
source: webster1913

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