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English to Malay

errand boy

kacung, tambi,

Other Mathes:
English Malay
boy anak laik laki, anak laki harus, anak laki laki yang hebat, anak laki laki yang, anak laki laki, anak laki yg masih ada, anak laki yg masih, anak laki yg, anak laki, anak lelaki, anak

Other Mathes:
English Malay
errand boy kacung, tambi,

Other Mathes:
a lackey, a mercenery, am a servant of, am only a messenger of, apostle of, errand boy, messenger boy, messenger of, office boy, one sent by, only a messenger from
the kid is not, the kid not, the kid was not, the kids did not, your boy not
steady down son, take it easy boy, the glory nak, wait kid, we are family here
a hack, candy ass, errand boy, lackey, lackeys
the kid will be, the kid will, then the boy will, was that boy would, your children will
the boy has to, the boy that, the boys that, the boys you, young boys who
errand boy powell, office boy, that errand boy powell
that boy at, that boy down, the boys at, the boys over, the boys up
nice dog, that is a good boy, that is good boy, the egghead, woman good boy
see the kid, seen the boy, to see that boy, watch that boy, watched that kid
killing the boy had to, killing the boy had, kills that kid, murdered the boy, wasted that kid
little boy might, that iittle boy is, that little boy is, the boy all right, the boys some
that is nice kid, well done boy, well done kid, well done kiddo, well done son
the big guy up, the boy in the room, the boy, the fool was, your boy really
this keed, this kiddo, this son, this to you boy, you were painting

English to English

errand boy
('/E/r/@/nd_b//Oi// )
noun (n)

a boy who earns money by running errands
seorang anak yang menghasilkan uang oleh melakukannya
messenger boy
source: wordnet30

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