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enkrip, enkripsi, enkripsikan, menenkripsikan, sulitkan, untuk penyulitan sahaja,

Other Mathes:
encrypt each file separately, encrypt each file seperately, encrypt file, encrypt multiple files, handle multiple files separately, multiple keys
an encrypt, encrypt this, encrypt your, encrypt
abide a great deal, chip off the old block, complicate, did strand, discriminate aginst, encrypt a, encrypt the, get knocked off, has been immense, has eluded, is tricky
could not add item, could not decrypt file s, could not decrypt text, could not encrypt file s, could not encrypt text, could not prepare photo, could not set description
decrypt message, encrypt message, encrypt messages instead
to encrypt a, to encrypt the, to encrypt
you want to encrypt your, you want to encrypt
be used to encrypt, used to encrypt the
encrypt multiple, encrypt
archive and encrypt files, certificate creation wizard, certificate deletion failed, certificate deletion problem, certificate selection, certification not possible, check certificate validity every, decryption failed, encrypt file s, no files selected, secret certificate deletion, show certificate validity, verification failed
to encrypt, want to encrypt a
want to encrypt your, want to encrypt
do not sign encrypt, never sign encrypt
copying the file list, encrypt the file list too, encrypt the file list
encrypt this message and to, encrypt this message and

English to English

(/E/n'kr/I/pt )
verb (v)

convert ordinary language into code
tukar ke mod bahasa biasa
source: wordnet30

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