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aktifkan, bolehkan, hidupka, hidupkan, ijikan, membolehkan, mempercakap, mengaktifkan, menghidupkan, tetapkan tanpa had,

Other Mathes:
enable animation, enable animations, enable emoticons, enable l tp avp debug, enable l tp state debug, enable l tpd debug, enable openl tp debug, enable pptpd debug, enable timestamps, enable xl tpd debug, select an animation
gonna allow, he will wear, will allow, will enable of, will enable, will make it possible, would allow
enable fast connect procedure, enable fast connect, enable fast start procedure, enable fast start
enable division, enable multiplication division, enable multiplication for task generation, enable multiplication
enable other like me to, enable other like me, enable others like me to, enable others like me
that would allow, that would enable the, that would enable
anim animation, enable animations, enable system tray icon
e nable sounds, enable animations, enable sound
enable arrow keys, enable grid lines, enable tree lines
enable addition for task generation, enable addition, enable subtraction
enable adaptive indentation, enable automatic indentation, enable smart indentation, maintain past indentation, parenthesis indentation
enable echo can celation, enable echo cancelation, enable echo cancellation
for activating, for the launch, for which to enable, not over to activate, over to activate
to enable other like, to enable others like
to enable other, to enable others

English to English

(/E/n'/eI/b/@/l )
verb (v)

render capable or able for some task
atau bisa berarti mampu untuk beberapa tugas
This skill will enable you to find a job on Wall Street.
The rope enables you to secure yourself when you climb the mountain.
source: wordnet30
To give strength or ability to; to make firm and strong.
untuk memberikan kekuatan atau kemampuan; untuk membuat perusahaan dan kuat.
source: webster1913

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