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ke, mengosongkan,

Other Mathes:
emptying your soul huh, to emptying your soul huh
is not death emptying freedom, not death emptying freedom
emptying the trash, emptying trash, expunging trash
empty the, emptying the place, emptying the
is emptying all its demons
is emptying all
going to drain, is emptying, will empty
are losing this, can fool, going to depart, going to miss them, gonna hit the streets, is emptying, is getting away, not wanna miss, set apart, to be parted, wanted to stay away
i am emptying my soul
heavy machinery or emptying
did you do this, drop the ass emptying, what you doing this
or emptying the litter box
and clean, or clean, or cleaning, or emptying, or the cleaning, or tidy up

English to English

noun (n)

the act of removing the contents of something
tindakan membuang kandungan dari sesuatu
source: wordnet30
The act of making empty.
tindakan membuat kosong.
source: webster1913

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