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maharani, permaisuri, ratu,

Other Mathes:
empress the, empress, great queen, the empress of, the empress
empress dowager, her gracious majesty queen, her majesty the empress, her majesty, her royal highness queen, majesties queen, mrs highness, the empress dowager, your grace the queen has, your grace the queen, your majesty the empress
and empress of japan and, and empress of japan
about queen, about that queen, from miss, with empress, with ned stark, with queen, with the empress
are the empress bitch, the empress bitch
her majesty the empress arrives, the empress arrives
memoirs of an empress, the memoirs of an empress
agreement with the empress, an agreement with the empress
the empress my master is, the empress my master
empress of japan and, empress of japan
empress, of the queen, princesses, queen, the empress, the queen
empress is, majesty was, of the queen was, the empress is, the queen are
is the empress asking her, the empress asking her
a queen and, named queen and, queen and, queens and, the empress and the, the empress and, the queen and, the queen regent and
empress we, our princess, our queen, the empress we

English to English

('/E/mpr/I/s )
noun (n)

a woman emperor or the wife of an emperor
seorang wanita kaisar atau istri seorang kaisar
source: wordnet30
The consort of an emperor.
the mendampingi dari seorang kaisar.
source: webster1913

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