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kedudukan tinggi, keutamaan, mengungkap, paling utama, utama, yang mulia,

Other Mathes:
highness i, majesty i, oh your honor i, sire i, well your highness i, your eminence am i, your eminence i am, your eminence i, your grace i am, your grace i, your highness i
came your eminence, come your eminence, come your grace, come your highness
it be your majesty, it your majesty, that is for his eminence, that your eminence, that your highness
for his eminence to, his excellency for, of your majesty to, sire to, well your eminence as to, your grace to, your highness to, your honor for, your majesty one, your majesty to
religion your eminence
religion your eminence
shall inform his eminence
i shall inform his eminence
eminence what can i say, what can i say, what could i say nothing, what could i say
your eminence any reason to
such a worthy reason, your eminence any reason
between ourselves your eminence the
between ourselves your eminence
does it not, does that not, is it not, is that not, was it no, was it not eminence, was that supposed
your eminence do not interrupt

English to English

('/E/m/@/n/@/ns )
noun (n)

high status importance owing to marked superiority
tinggi status penting kerana ditandai keunggulan
A scholar of great eminence.
source: wordnet30
a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament
tonjol pada tulang terutama bagi lampiran dari otot atau sendi
source: wordnet30
That which is eminent or lofty; a high ground or place; a height.
bahwa yang mulia atau angkuh; tanah yang tinggi atau tempat; tinggi.
source: webster1913

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