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di edit, diedit, disunting, film diedit, mengedit, telah mengedit,

Other Mathes:
been edited, edited, was edited
can be edited, can then be edited, editable, only support random access, support backward cursor move, support random access, support row append, support row removal, support setting values
edited file in, edited within
be edited, edit it, edit, edited, first item
been altered or edited, have been altered or edited
edited, have edited
was edited to, was edited
edited, that is been edited
was edited to me
this article cannot be edited, this file cannot be ejected, this file cannot be mounted, this file cannot be started, this file cannot be stopped, this file cannot be unmounted
or edited within
or edited in any way
or edited in
or edited
have not edited out all

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

improved or corrected by critical editing
membaik atau mengedit corrected by kritis
source: wordnet30

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