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belum tuan, eaters, gemuk datang, pelahap, pemakan,

Other Mathes:
a flesh eater, a meat eater, and it is carnivorous, are a meat eater, carnivorous, flesh eating, meat eater, meat eaters, meat eating, meateaters, the meat eaters
kids stupid garbage eater, kids you stupid garbage eater
eater and prior to, eater and prior
e eater, eater than i am, eaters
a death eater, death eater, death eaters
stupid garbage eater, you stupid garbage eater
eater of, eater, eaters, eating, something that eats
a messy eater, am sorry good game
is a lizard eater
is a death eater
is an egg eater
are going to eat us, are going to eat, are gonna eat us, eater to me, going to eat us, gonna eat us, gonna fucking eat us
i am a messy eater, i am sorry good game, l i am sorry
i am a meat eater
kids you stupid garbage eater

English to English

('/i/t/@/r )
noun (n)

someone who consumes food for nourishment
seseorang yang mengkonsumsi makanan untuk makanan
source: wordnet30
any green goods that are good to eat
ada barang itu hijau yang baik untuk dimakan
These apples are good eaters.
source: wordnet30
One who, or that which, eats.
satu yang, atau itu yang, makan.
source: webster1913

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