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pendapatan, penghasilan, perolehan,

Other Mathes:
according to its deserts and, according to its earnings, for his deeds
their earnings that quarter are, their earnings that quarter
earnings that quarter are, earnings that quarter
it earned, it had earned, it has earned, it hath earned, its deeds, its earnings, to its earnings
an income, certain demands, earnings, in revenue, income
of what is unlawful, of what is unlawfully acquired, the forbidden, the unlawful, things forbidden, unlawful earnings if, unlawful earnings, unlawful gain, unlawful gains, what is illicit, what is unlawful
his deeds, its earnings, to its deserts and
but your lifetime earnings
i earnings last night
i earnings last
i earnings
that which they have brought, that which they have done, that which they were doing, the deeds which they did, the things they did, their earnings, things that they were doing, things they did, were their deeds, what they did, what they had been doing
everything they had done, have what they earned, that they have earned, the wrongs they have done, their deeds so, their earnings, what he had done, what they committed, what they earned, what they had been doing, what they had earned
part in her future earnings
not report earnings till

English to English

('/[@]/rn/I//N/z )
noun (n)

the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses)
the ekses revenues berakhir outlays dalam diberikan periode waktu (susutnilai dan lain termasuk non cash perbelanjaan)
source: wordnet30
something that remunerates
sesuatu yang remunerates
They saved a quarter of all their earnings.
source: wordnet30

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