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keinginan, semangat,

Other Mathes:
that eagerness a
that eagerness, that is the spirit, that s the spirit, that spirit
my eagerness and my desire
i wanted to be and, my eagerness and, my wishes and
a wish my, desires me, my craving, my desire, my desires, my eagerness, my will down, my wish, my wishes, the desire i, the want me
show my eagerness and
eagerness a
and his eagerness to leave
and his eagerness to
and his eagerness, free spirits, her enthusiasm, her spirit, her spirits, his excitement, his fire, his moxie, his passion and his, his passion, his spirit, his spirits they, his spirits, his zeal, the applause, the fucking spirit, the spirit, will boast
to show my eagerness and

English to English

noun (n)

a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something
yang positif perasaan ingin mendorong di depan dengan sesuatu
source: wordnet30
prompt willingness
desakan kesediaan
They showed no eagerness to spread the gospel.
source: wordnet30
The state or quality of being eager; ardent desire.
negara atau kualiti menjadi bersemangat; keinginan bernafsu.
source: webster1913

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