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bersemangat, dengan penuh semangat, dengan tak sabar, sabar, suka, teringin,

Other Mathes:
eagerly awaiting, eagerly waiting for, eagerly waiting, forward to that, fucking waiting, patiently await, patiently awaits, patiently wait, patiently waiting for, patiently waiting, to patiently await, to wait around for, wait ay, willing to wait
who came to you eagerly, who came to you striving, who comes to thee eagerly
are eagerly awaiting, who is eagerly waiting for, who wait
a patient, are eagerly, are patient
eagerly your breasts are so
eagerly your breasts
eagerly awaiting this morning presentation
eagerly awaiting this morning
eagerly awaiting this
eagerly awaiting
eagerly, in full swing, so full of life, with gusto, with passion
too eagerly your breasts

English to English

('/i/g/@/rl/i/ )
adverb (r)

with eagerness; in an eager manner
dengan semangat; dalam satu cara bersemangat
The news was eagerly awaited.
source: wordnet30
In an eager manner.
dalam satu cara bersemangat.
source: webster1913

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