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dukacita, kecewa, kesal, masyghul, moyok, muram, murung,

Other Mathes:
be so disappointed, damn upset, get so disappointed, so crestfallen, so dejected, so desperate, so disappointed in, so disappointed, so wounded
dejected, disconsolate, great sorrow, grief, grieved on their account, in violent grief, lugubrious, profound sorrow, sorrow, sorrowful, sorrowing, source of grief, to sorrow
dejected oh
dejected, sorrowful, uneasy
see her dejected face
dejected, rueful
all doom, been so low, bilious, brooding, dejected, dismal, downcast, draw your face, funereal
all moody, are moping around, as depressed, been breaking down, bumming, dejected, depressed man, depressed right now, downcast, droopy, glum
sand looks so dejected
looks so dejected, so gloomy
looks really dejected
no mood, not as excited, not in the mood, not really feeling up to, not so enthusiastic, really dejected, weak minded
her dejected face, her face her sad, her face was sad

English to English

(d/I/'/dZ//E/kt/I/d )
adjective (a)

affected or marked by low spirits
terpengaruh atau pancaran rendah roh
Is dejected but trying to look cheerful.
source: wordnet30
Cast down; afflicted; low-spirited; sad; as, a dejected look or countenance.
dibuang ke; menderita; low spirited; sedih; sebagai, aku kesal/ aku melihat atau wajah.
source: webster1913

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