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batas waktu, tarikh akhir, tenggat waktu, tenggat,

Other Mathes:
a terminal deadline, a time limit, all deadlines, deadline is, deadline ok, deadline, downtime, hard deadline, limited time, me a deadline, my deadline, narrowed down the time, on hitty deadline, the deadline for, the deadline is, the deadline, the time limit, time limit, time limits, us deadlines, within the time limit
a deadline, an early deadline, deadline of, deadline, deadlines, his deadline, on a fixed income, that deadline, the deadline of, the deadline, the deadlines
a deadline, a very serious deadline, deadlines, make my deadline, the deadline, this deadline though
a crazy deadline, crazy deadline, deadline, on deadline
a limited time, have a deadline, have a hard deadline
deadline does not exist we, deadline does not exist, the deadline does not exist
has a deadline, have a deadline
i have a deadline, i have a terminal deadline
application deadline, applications deadline
our deadline is, our deadline
hard deadline for, me a deadline on
to a deadline, under a deadline
the deadline is in, the deadline
a deadline for my essay, an essay, deadline for my essay, essays and
meet that deadline, meets the deadline

English to English

('d/E/d,l/aI/n )
noun (n)

the point in time at which something must be completed
titik dalam waktu di mana sesuatu harus diselesaikan
source: wordnet30

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