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bisa menonaktifkan, matikan, menonaktifkan, menyahaktifkan, nonaktifkan, nyah aktifkan,

Other Mathes:
i deactivate someday, i like deactivate someday
i canceled them, i canceled, i deactivate, i did call it off, i just canceled
can i deactivate, that i like deactivate
just need to deactivate the, just need to deactivate
got to deactivate, should deactivate
a decommissioned, deactivate the, deactivate
deactivate it could, deactivate it, deactivated her, disable it shit, disable it
deactivate the, disable the, disable, entirely disables, to deactivate
deactivate it, deactivate, disconnect
need to deactivate the, need to deactivate, need to disable
v i k i deactivate, vlki deactivate
do you want to activate, do you want to deactivate
will deactivate it and
am shutting it down, going to defuse it, going to shut it off, gonna turn it off, turning it off, will deactivate it, will go turn it off, will turn it off
will deactivate the bomb

English to English

(d/i/'/&/kt/@/,v/eI/t )
verb (v)

remove from active military status or reassign
buang daripada aktif militer status atau menugaskan semula jabatan
The men were deactivated after five years of service.
source: wordnet30
make inactive
membuat tidak aktif
They deactivated the file.
source: wordnet30

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