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Hasil Carian: dawdling

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berkeliaran, berlama lama, lalai, lamban, lewa,

Other Mathes:
is an anniversary for you, what are you dawdling for, what are you dawdling
moving no dawdling
stop dawdling
dawdling here and
dawdling here, linger around, linger here, linger
a second glance, be long okay, dawdling, dilly or dally, double condition
keep moving no dawdling
this guy is totally dawdling
do not roam around, do not run around, do not walk around, do not wander off, do not wander, no dawdling, no mucking about, no wandering, not to run around, not to wander off, see yourself from the streets
do not double condition, keep the phone down quickly, no dawdling, we cannot linger
no dawdling, stop your dragging
we do not like dawdling

English to English

noun (n)

the deliberate act of delaying and playing instead of working
yang disengajakan takdir menunda bukan bekerja dan bermain
source: wordnet30

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