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menakutkan, yang menakutkan,

Other Mathes:
i am upto is daunting, l am upto is daunting
was a daunting task
a bit daunting, a bit frightening, a bit scary, a little spooky, is kinda scary, is one scary looking, is spooky, it was a little scary, just seem a little creepy, kind of creepy, may seem scary, pretty damn awesome, pretty scary shit, pretty scary stuff, quite scary, somewhat scary, was a bit nasty, was rather terrifying
are so daunting, fear ofheights, feels safer, how scary, is so intimidating, is so terrifying, so fierce, so freaky, so frightening, so fucking scary, so scary, so terrible that, so terrific, so terrifying, such fear, that scary, them so scary, was that scary
really freaking, really scared the hell out, that is kind of freaky, that is kinda freaky, totally scary, truly daunting, was really scary
can be daunting for
can be daunting, can be frightening, can get kind of scary
can do a lot better, find someone better, get more stuff, some daunting
with students can be daunting
with a truly daunting journey
it is a bit daunting, it is a bit scary, it is kinda scary, it is spooky, it may seem scary, that is a bit frightening
is a little bit scarier, it is a bit daunting, s a little bit scarier
be daunting for anyone

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

discouraging through fear
mematahkan melalui ketakutan
source: wordnet30

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