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Hasil Carian: daughters

English to Malay


anak anak perempuannya, anak perempuan awak, anak perempuan, anak, kedua putri, putri bersamamu, putri putri, putri,

Other Mathes:
children women, daughters of the, daughters were
and a princess, and daughter, and daughters of, and daughters to, and daughters
of our daughters the, of our daughters, our daughters, our girls
daughters and the, thy daughters and the, your daughters and the
daughters and, thy daughters and, your daughters and
daughters, thy daughters, your daughters
and daughters and, and thy daughters and, and your daughters and
and daughters, and thy daughters, and your daughters
and daughter, and daughters of his, and her daughter
my two daughters, my two little daughters, my two little girls, two daughters
got a daughter, got a girl or something, got two daughters, had a daughter the, had a daughter
got two daughters, have a daughter, have daughters, have got a daughter, have two daughters
son and daughter, sons and daughters of, sons and daughters to
are my daughters take them, are my daughters they
are my daughters take, are my daughters

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