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berpacaran denganku, bertarikh, diberi tanggal, dulu berpacaran, kencani, mengencani, pernah pacaran, tanggal,

Other Mathes:
at dates, boone house, date today date, dates surveillance, her date, is dated, it is dated, the date man, the date to, the date yeah, the date
dated, ever date, have dated, never dated, used to date
are dated, back some, come off i am sorry, date back, dates back, is dated, it is dated, shoe
are dated, is december the, is december, is the date, is the th, was a date, was dated the
finally dated turned out to, finally dated turned out
i dated timmy harrison for, i dated timmy harrison
i dated this, i dated, i got a date with, i have been seeing this
i dated her, i dated him okay, i went out with her
i dated a girl, i dated this girl once
i dated, i have dated
i have already dated of, i have dated
you date, you dated the, you dated
dating i, have dated chicks i, i have dated chicks i
date for, dated for the, dated for
dated for a little, dated for a

English to English

('d/eI/t/I/d )
adjective satellite (s)

marked by features of the immediate and usually discounted past
pancaran fitur of the terdekat dan biasanya discounted lalu
source: wordnet30

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