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dara, data data, data di, data ialah, data kalendar, data lpd, data yang, data yg, maklumat data,

Other Mathes:
choose a directory, data directory, data entry type
chart data, discrepant data, download new data, downloads new data, export chemical data, export data, level data, override data, paulo cattai, plot data, store data, t xml data, table data, xml data
all data, all database, all of the data, all the data from, all the data you have, all the data you, all the data, every data, every file, off the database, pull every file, the data stored, the whole data, whole data, you all of the data
a bit of data from, bit of data from, data from a, data from the, data from, data since, of data from, of gak from, prints from, records say, some data off of, the data from, the data out of, the database of, the files for, the material from
add data slicer, clear form data source, data s licer, data set, data source, edit data slicer, edit dataslicer, fields from child data source, fields from master data source, form data source, query parameters, row source, sample datasource, widget data source
data is, of data it, of that together, that data, that pile, the data gets, the data i do not, the data i do, the data it, the data, those data, those files were
data being, data points that, data that, data, of data, stuff that is, the data is, the data that, the data, these data
accumulating data, belt collecting data, collect data, collecting data, gather the intel, gathered data, gathering data, plotting the, put the data together, taking data, the belt collecting data
city data, existing data, extra data files, extra data, identification data, with a data, with data, with the data from
capture data, fetch the data, have the data, pick up the files, pull the data, retrieve data, take the data, takes that data, took the data
details position data, download extra data files, download extra data, keyboard identification data, loading city data, override existing data, possible data loss, table data wml
a lot of data, a shitload of data, a whole lot of data, amount of data, data exceeding, days of data, more data
data at, data in, data on the, data on, of the data on, the data in, the data on
data from these, it for these data, suicide note, the data but just, these data, this data will, this data, this documented, this obituary
data to the, data to, data up, of the data to, the data into, the data to

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('d/eI/t/@/ )
noun (n)

a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn
koleksi fakta yang bisa ditarik kesimpulan
Statistical data.
source: wordnet30
See Datum.
melihat catatan u/ u.
source: webster1913

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