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grid style, lenyap, menulis cepat, yang cantik,

Other Mathes:
dashed, double dashed, intersections crosshairs, intersections dots
dash, dashed, dashes
will fade away, will have disappeared, will soon disappear, will vanish no, will vanish, would be dashed, would be gone, would cease to exist, would dissolve disappear, would vanish
dashed into the market
am way outside, bolted out, bolting out the doors, dashed out, ran out, ran outside and, ran outside
in double dashed line style
and dashed into the market
and dashed into, and run down, and run into a, and run into, and running into, and running to
and dashed out, and ran out, and run out, and stormed out
and bounding, and dashed, and kept walking
our hopes and dreams dashed
be tossed, dashed against
double dashed line
dashed line

English to English

(d/&//S/t )
adjective satellite (s)

having gaps or spaces
memiliki kesenjangan atau ruang
source: wordnet30

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