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darwin di, hurley darwin, juarez darwin, kota darwin, mengeong darwin, speckles darwin,

Other Mathes:
in darwin, lights of darwin, of darwin, on darwin, on on darw n, right here in darwin
for darwin, in darwin, to darwin continues, to darwin
darwin do you, darwin you are, darwin you
get to darwin, gotta get to darwin, leave for darwin
cattle to darwin, the cattle to darwin continues, the cattle to darwin
brilliant man darwin was, brilliant man darwin
in the ointment darwin, is in the ointment darwin
darw n i am, darw n i, darwin i am, darwin i, juarez darw n i
darwin at, darwin in
darwin it, darwin this
darwin sell them, darwin sell
darwin you are a enious, darwin you are a genius
darw n do you, darwin do you, darwin you are
darwin we got to, darwin we need to
darwin is under way, darwin is underway

English to English

('d/A/rw/I/n )
noun (n)

English natural scientist who formulated a theory of evolution by natural selection (1809-1882)
inggris alami ilmuwan yang formulated teori evolusi oleh seleksi alam (1809-1882)
source: wordnet30
provincial capital of the Northern Territory of Australia
provinsi ibukota wilayah utara australia
source: wordnet30

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