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darby bukan, darby kami, darby tetap,

Other Mathes:
both darby, darby detective, darby not quite, darby then, darby there, darby what else, darby would both, darby yeah sure, darbys, that darby
kill clarence darby yeah sure, kill clarence darby, killing clarence darby, murder clarence darby
darby body, that darby body, that darby
is that darby body, is that darby
that both darby and ames, that darby and ames
that both darby and, that darby and
that both darby, that darby
is not darby involved in, isn t darby involved in
is not darby involved, isn t darby involved
is not darby, isn t darby
clarence darby was not it, clarence darby
clarence darby yeah sure, disguised voice clarence darby
darby was not it, darby
both darby and ames, darby and ames
both darby and, darby and

English to English

('d/A/rb/i/ )
noun (n)

A plasterer's float, having two handles; -- used in smoothing ceilings, etc.
sebuah plasterer mengapung, ada dua pemegang; - - penghalusan digunakan di siling, dll.
source: webster1913

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