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Hasil Carian: danke

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danke terima kasih, terima kasih banyak, terima kasih, terima,

Other Mathes:
have my thank you, take danke
ok thanks thank you, okay thank, problem you are welcome, right thank you, trouble thank you, what danke, what thank you
here take danke
danke yeah, great gig or whatever you, will go home first
is pretty amazing, to say thank you, wanna thank you, wanted to say thanks, would like to say danke
danke for representing all us
danke for representing all
thank u yaar, thank you oh yeah, thank you yeah, thank you yep, thank you yes, thanks danke yeah, thanks oh, thanks yaar, thanks yeah, thanks yes, yeah i do thanks
nein danke, no thanks
like to thank you for, say thanks for, to say danke for, want to thank you for
say thank you, say thank, saying thank you, started saying thank you, thank you for at, to say danke, would say thanks

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