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ambil mereka ambil, bahaya itu, berbahaya baiklah, berbahaya di, berbahaya hm, berbahaya itu, berbahaya juga, berbahaya ke, berbahaya kita tidak, berbahaya kita, berbahaya maaf, berbahaya menjadikan, berbahaya mereka semua merasakannya, berbahaya no, berbahaya sekali, berbahaya seperti dal, berbahaya yang harus, berbahaya yang, berbahaya, berbahayanya

Other Mathes:
is extremely dangerous, is far too dangerous, is perilous, is quite dangerous, it is extremely dangerous, it is extremely risky, it is highly dangerous, it is so dangerous, it is very dangerous, it is very extreme, it was quite dangerous, that is pretty dangerous, that is very dangerous, this is a dangerous man, this is a very dangerous, this is really dangerous, this is sheer madness, this is staggeringly dangerous, this is very dangerous, this is whoa very dangerous, tough shit
far too dangerous, it is just too dangerous, it is much too dangerous, it is too dangerous too, it is too dangerous, it it is too dangerous, it was so dangerous, it was too dangerous, it was way too dangerous, that is much too dangerous, that is to dangerous, that is too dangerous, that is way too dangerous, that it is too dangerous
be dangerous in, dangerous around, dangerous at, dangerous down, dangerous global, dangerous in, dangerous over, dangerous shit down, dangerous to be in, deadly weapon, gets dangerous at, harmless in, hazardous on, it is dangerous in, it is dangerous out, its dangerous in
going to be dangerous, gonna be dangerous is, gonna be dangerous, gonna get messy, have brought danger, it could be dangerous to, it will be dangerous, might get dangerous, there are dangerous shit, there will be dangerous shit, way too dangerous, will be dangerous shit, will be dangerous, will be that dangerous, would be starting
he bothers to, he dangerous no, he is a danger
is a dangerous game, it could be dangerous, it dangerous, it is dangerous, it was dangerous, it was very dangerous, that dangerous, that is dangerous, that is risky, that was dangerous, that would be dangerous, those things are dangerous, was dangerous
dangerous times we have here, it is extremely dangerous, it is highly dangerous, it is incredibly dangerous, it is pretty dangerous, it is too dangerous, it is very dangerous okay, it is very dangerous, it was very dangerous, that a bit too dangerous, that is extremely, that is pretty extreme, that is very dangerous, that was dangerous
and can be dangerous, can be dangerous, can be especially dangerous, can be harmful, can be very dangerous, can get to you, can snap, could be dangerous you know, could be dangerous you, could be dangerous, could be quite dangerous, could have been dangerous, might get dangerous
a bit dangerous, a iittie dangerous, a little bit dangerous, a little dangerous, bit of danger, get a wee bit dangerous, hairy little, is a iittie dangerous, it is highly dangerous, less dangerous, little dangerous, you know a little dangerous
a danger to, a poisonous environment to, be dangerous to, dangerous for, dangerous kalman
be dangerous, extremely dangerous, highly dangerous, is extremely dangerous, is so dangerous, is very dangerous, really dangerous, so dangerous, very dangerous
are dangerous and, be dangerous and the, be dangerous and, be dangerous as shit and, dangerous and and, dangerous and, deadly and dangerous, harmful and, hazardous and, is dangerous and, it is ugly and, surely are and, volatile and
absolutely lethal, and be a danger, and dangerous, and extremely dangerous, and highly dangerous
are more dangerous, even more dangerous, is more dangerous, it gets dangerous, it is more dangerous, more dangerous ones, more dangerous, more harmful, more precarious, the more harmful, twice as dangerous
a very dangerous power to, awfully dangerous for, be dangerous to, be very dangerous to, so dangerous to, very dangerous for, very dangerous kalman, very dangerous to

English to English

('d/eI/n/dZ//@/r/@/s )
adjective (a)

involving or causing danger or risk; liable to hurt or harm
melibatkan atau menyebabkan risiko atau bahaya; bertanggung jawab untuk menyakiti atau membahayakan
A dangerous criminal.
A dangerous bridge.
Unemployment reached dangerous proportions.
source: wordnet30
Attended or beset with danger; full of risk; perilous; hazardous; unsafe.
menghadiri atau menyerang dengan bahaya; penuh risiko; berbahaya; berbahaya; tidak aman.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm
menyebabkan ketakutan atau fobia dengan mengancam bahaya besar
A dangerous operation.
source: wordnet30

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