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Hasil Carian: dammit

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perempuanku, sial, sialan,

Other Mathes:
dammit dammit dammit, damn damn damn, goddamn shit goddamn, huh fuck you fuck, pete shit shit shit, shit shit shit
come back dammit come back, come back god dammit, come back you idiot
it out dammit, me damn it, me fuck, me god damn it, me is god dammit, to me damn it, to me god damn it
go fucking, go go damn you, go of me you bastard, going dammit, going punk ass, gone dammit, off fucking
god dammit just like, is god dammit just like
dammit dammit, damn damn, damn it damn it, fucking fucking, fucking shit, goddamn fuckin, goddamn shit, holy fucking shit, it fuck, oh get bent taxman, shit damn, shit goddamn, shit shit
dammit do not, dammit no, damn thing does not, do not fucking, goddamn shit, shit it is not, shit no, son of a bitch no
dammit mr han, dammit mr
is a librarian dammit
ah dammit i got to
ah dammit i, oh fuck man i
ah dammit, ah damn it, ah fuck god damn it, ah goddamn it, ah shit, aw damn it, aw damn, aw shit, oh fuck man
the water dammit
going to high school dammit
gonna be sore tomorrow dammit

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