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Hasil Carian: cute

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akan oke, cakep, cantik tidak, cantik ya, comel gitu, comel, cute juga, imut, imutnya, kecilan, lawa, lmut, lucu aku terdengar, lucu aku tidak, lucu dengan, lucu, manis ayolah, manis juga, manis manis, manis sangat manis

Other Mathes:
actually pretty cute, are so cute, are truly cute, incredibly cute, is very cute, so cute so cute, so cute, super cute
and he is funny, he a cutie, he funny, he gets cute, he is a laugh, he is cute, he is delicious
go sweetie, he cute, he is cute
he is pretty cut, he is pretty cute, he is so cute
amusing is not it, cute is it, cute is not he candy
are cute yet functional, are very sweet, guys are so cute, is cute, is so adorable, is very cute, look how cute, that is real cute, yeah so lovely
cute are, cute guys, fat guys, good ready, is cute, looking of, really cute to me, salty morsels, sara cute, saucy
a cute little, a funny little, a funny looking little, cute iittle, cute little, funny wee, is that cute little, little cute, was a funny looking little
are so cute, girls are so cute, is really cute, kind of cute, were real cute
are too cute, is sweetness, it is sweetness, saccharine, so much sweetness, sweet too, too adorable, too cute to, too cute, too sweet, was so cute, way too cute
it is very cute, you are cute, you are so cute, you guys are so cute
how cute is this, how cute is, how cute, how fluffy, how funny it is, how funny was, how funny, sharon how cute
be pretty funny on, done plenty of that, enough funny, funnily enough, funny enough, is pretty cute, is pretty funny, it was kind of funny, pretty cute oh yeah, pretty cute, pretty funny office
he is cute, he is kind of cute, he is so cute, she is cute
he is really cute, he is so cute, he is so funny, he is too funny, he was so cute, laughs he is so funny, she is so cute, she is so funny

English to English

(k/j//u/t )
adjective (a)

Clever; sharp; shrewd; ingenious; cunning.
pintar; tajam; cerdas; cerdik; licik.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

attractive especially by means of smallness or prettiness or quaintness
menarik terutama melalui smallness atau kecantikan atau quaintness
A cute kid with pigtails.
A cute little apartment.
source: wordnet30
obviously contrived to charm
jelas dibuat buat untuk memikat
A child with intolerably cute mannerisms.
source: wordnet30

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