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omong kosong, penakut, pengecut,

Other Mathes:
face this is bullshit, is this nonsense, it is bullshit, it is chickenshit, it is crap, it is nonsense, it is overblown nonsense
i am whipped, i was a coward, i was coward, i was cowardly, i was the coward, me chickenshit, me you coward, me you cowards, this chicken man, you a coward
you running you chickenshit
oh you coward, you are quite the coward, you are such a coward, you chickenshit, you coward, you cowards, your cowardly
for them it is chickenshit
chickenshit motherfucker, cowardly bastard, cowardly bastards, you spineless sack of scum
going out this chickenshit way
running you chickenshit
chickenshit advance back
can get ahead, can get along, can go forward, can move on, chickenshit advance, gonna get ahead, may advance, would you step
than a coward, than chickenshit
a coward position, low life, then you big pussy, what a sissy, you are a little chickenshit, you are awol, you are candy assed motherfuckers, you chicken shits, you coward
hear me chickenshit
the chickenshit board has dec
the chickenshit board has

English to English

('/tS//I/k/@/n_,/S//I/t )
noun (n)

a false statement that is considered to indicate timidity or fear
kesaksian palsu itu dianggap menandakan kepasifan atau takut
source: wordnet30

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