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Hasil Carian: but the literature

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but the literature

tapi literatur yang,

Other Mathes:
English Malay
but ada tapi, ada yg bilang, akan baik tapi, akan tetapi, aku menyukainnya tapi, aku salah tetapi, apa pun tetapi, atau tapi, bar tapi, bodoh jadi, buat tapi
the acara pada, acara, acungan, ada klan, ada pelanggaran, ada penyakit, ada si, adalah bahan, adalah bar, adalah para, adalah pemain
literature bahan bacaan, dengan praktek, kesusasteraan, kesusateraan, literatur, sastera, sastra, susastera,

Other Mathes:
English Malay
but the literature tapi literatur yang,

Other Mathes:
iiterally the, literature dealing, literature, no literature, the literature
to disturb but, to interrupt but it is, to interrupt but it, to interrupt but, to interrupt you but
treats but, very kind but, was fun but, was nice but, which can be fun
is tough but, merely difficult, tough but, tough one but, wasted effort still
yes but that was, yes but that, yes but the, yes but they all, yes but this is
to it they, to see but, to see it but, to witness but, watching him but
but she is had, but that she got a, but this snipe had, well he had, with her is yet
in literature, in the literature, just as the literature
that is sweet but, that is wonderful but, that would be great but, that would be nice but, well that is nice but
many years from now but, month away but, time cause it, time of but, very long but
years but, years now and, years now but, years old but the, years old but
but i was so, but i was very very, but l desperately, but then i got too, to my great
but there seems to have, but there seems to, but uh seemingly, still ahead of, still ahead
to be good he, tough it is, tough it, was good but, were splendid but
thrilled but, very generous but, very kind but, very kind of you but, you desperately but

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