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anak laik laki, anak laki harus, anak laki laki yang hebat, anak laki laki yang, anak laki laki, anak laki yg masih ada, anak laki yg masih, anak laki yg, anak laki, anak lelaki, anak, anakkecil, bawi, bo y, bocah aku, bocah lelaki, bocah seperti, bocah yang, bocah, boy anak pintar

Other Mathes:
boy is not, boy it is not, children were not, does not that boy, kid did not, kid in my, kids are not, that boy do not, that boy is not, that kid ai not, that kid did not, that loon i am not, the boy could not, the boy does not, the boy does, the boy is not, the boy no, the boy not, the boy was not, the kid ai not, the kid did not, the kid does not, the kid is not, the kid not, the kid was not, the kids did not, your boy not
all righty boy, calm down boy, calm down child, calm down son, calm kid, chill son, down boy, easy boy easy, easy boy you got something, easy boy, easy does it kid, easy iittle boy, easy little boy, easy son, glory nak, is ok buddy, now now lad, quiet boy, quiet child, quiet kid, quiet lad, quiet lads, relax dear boy, relax kid, relax son, rest easy son, steady boy steady, steady boy, steady down son, take it easy boy, the glory nak, wait kid, we are family here
boys will be, that boy is gonna, that boy will
a boy who, a little boy who, a stable boy, any boy, boy a, boy might, boy who, boys all, boys who, of the boy who, sons which were, that those boys, the boy has to, the boy that, the boys that, the boys you, young boys who
a boy at, a boy by, a boy in, a boy into, a boy on, a son in, are boys in, boy in, boys in, boys on, boys over, of the boy in, that boy at, that boy down, the boys at, the boys over, the boys up
are real smart, atta boy buddy, bravo chicken lightly
got that boy, look after the boy, looked at the child, saw that boy, saw the boy, saw the kid, see a boy, see that boy, see that kid, see the child, see the kid, seen the boy, to see that boy, watch that boy, watched that kid
kill that boy, kill that child, kill the boy is, kill the boy, kill the kid, kill this little kid that, killed that boy, killed that kid, killed that little boy, killed the boy, killed the child, killing kids was, killing the boy had to, killing the boy had, kills that kid, murdered the boy, wasted that kid
a boy it is a, a boy it is, boy that is, boy that was, boys it is, boys that is, little boy might, that iittle boy is, that little boy is, the boy all right, the boys some
a good one kiddo, done boy, done kid
boy really, frat boy was, he lives then, no that boy, nut boy, on this kid, that boy, that kid s, that little brat, that puppy can you, that rascal eun gyeol, that young thing, the big guy up, the boy in the room, the boy, the fool was, your boy really
boy you want that, boy you want, coming for you kid, fellow boy, here boy whoa, here child, here kid, here kiddo, here son, here want, is it boy, is it son, of this boy, that in son, these son, this before sonny, this dear boy, this is laddie, this keed, this kiddo, this son, this to you boy, you were painting
a dumb kid, a dunce, a stupid boy, a stupid kid, a stupid son
a boy can, a child is at, boy can, boy could, child is allowed to, kid can, that boy can, that dude could, that kid could be, that kid could have been, that kid could, that kid may, the boy can, the boy could, the boy may, the child could, the child still, the kid can
have the kid, that boy must, that child is being

English to English

(b//Oi// )
noun (n)

a youthful male person
anak muda yg orang pria
The baby was a boy.
She made the boy brush his teeth every night.
Most soldiers are only boys in uniform.
source: wordnet30
a friendly informal reference to a grown man
yang ramah informal referensi ke dewasa
He likes to play golf with the boys.
source: wordnet30
a male human offspring
seorang lelaki keturunan manusia
His boy is taller than he is.
daughter, girl
source: wordnet30
(ethnic slur) offensive and disparaging term for Black man
(etnik hanyut) ofensif dan umpat istilah untuk lelaki kulit hitam
Get out of my way, boy.
source: wordnet30
A male child, from birth to the age of puberty; a lad; hence, a son.
anak jantan, dari hari dilahirkan hingga usia pubertas; seorang budak; maka, seorang putra.
source: webster1913
In various countries, a male servant, laborer, or slave of a native or inferior race; also, any man of such a race.
di berbagai negara, seorang bujang, buruh, atau seorang budak ras asli atau bawahan; juga, setiap orang dari seperti balapan.
source: webster1913

verb (v)

To act as a boy; -- in allusion to the former practice of boys acting women's parts on the stage.
untuk bertindak sebagai seorang anak; - - dalam sindiran kepada mantan praktek anak perempuan bertindak bagian di panggung.
source: webster1913

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