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Hasil Carian: became very ill

English to Malay

became very ill

manjadi sakit,

Other Mathes:
English Malay
became bahwa menjadi, jadi, kemudian menjadi, menjadi, menjado, msh, sentiasa jadi,
very akibatnya sangat, amat, angat, baikla, beeng, benar minta, bermutu, bertungkus, dangat, dengan ramah, dengan sangat
ill buruk, iii, iil, ili, ke iii, lagi tidak sehat, lli, lll, penyakit yg, sakit, terkena penyakit

Other Mathes:
English Malay
became very ill manjadi sakit,

Other Mathes:
very very sick, was terminally ill, was very sick, were terminally ill, wicked sick
fell sick, get sick, got sick, have fallen ill, ill already
she was real nice, she was very good, she was very kind, spoil them, yeah he is real sweet
very very, what a bad, where it is very very, who is very very, who was very very
was quite lovely, was very friendly, was very gracious, was very kind, were very friendly
very tightly, very very heavy, was a strict, was extremely tight, were real tight
very courageous, was brave, was very brave, were so brave, were very brave
be very very, being very very, get very very, getting very very, it became very very
in the morning it was, it comes into existence, it happens immediately, so he became one, they will have become
only ill will, only ill, the only ill will to, the only ill will, the only ill
would be so desperately, would be the very, would become a weird, would have been quite, would have to be very
working very hard on, working very hard, works really hard, works so very hard, works very hard
was so impressed, was very impressed, were most impressed, were quite impressed, were really impressed
getting very, got very, to be quite, to be very, very tightly
very sick, very sore, was a very sick man, was so sick, was very sick

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