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bandit grrr, penjahat, penyamun,

Other Mathes:
as the masked bandit, masked bandit is, masked bandit, the gap toothed masked bandit, the masked bandit
a bandit hat, bandit hat on, bandit hat, bandit hats, that bandit hat
blue bandit, the blue bandit, the blue masked bandit
a bandit, bandits, that bandit, the bandit, the bandits
a villain all right, are wanted criminals, as a bandit, be a bad guy, be a bandit
these bandit hats, this bandit hat on, this bandit hat
you act like a bandit, you acted like a bandit
our masked bandit is, our masked bandit
these bandit, thieves now, this bandit
as the bandit ran, the bandit ran
act like a bandit, acted like a bandit
because our masked bandit is, because our masked bandit
put these bandit hats on, put this bandit hat on
that bandit, the bandit had
and ate those, that bandit, the bandit

English to English

('b/&/nd/I/t )
noun (n)

an armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band
pencuri yang bersenjata (biasanya) anggota band
source: wordnet30
An outlaw; a brigand.
penjahat; seorang perampok.
source: webster1913

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