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buatanku, dipanggang, panggang,

Other Mathes:
i am cooking, i am frying, i am so parched, i have been roasting, i was shacked n baked, i was shaked n baked
baked them for, baked those for
baked them, baked those
baked ziti goes home, baked zitti goes home
baked ziti goes, baked zitti goes
baked, become baked goods, chilled, gets roasted, got toasted, grilled, roasted on a spit, roasted, roasting
this we are baked beans, this we re baked beans
baked beans heh heh, baked beans
you baked them for, you baked those for
you baked them, you baked those
we are baked beans from, we re baked beans from
we are baked beans, we re baked beans
a half baked, half baked, half cooked, half done, it napalmed, medium rare, ours medium well done, pan fried ah
deep fried and, toast and, was shacked n baked and, was shaked n baked and
is baking, is toast, napler fried, now roasting, roasted chip, was shacked n baked, was shaked n baked, were cooked

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

dried out by heat or excessive exposure to sunlight
kering dengan panas atau pendedahan berlebihan kepada cahaya matahari
Land lying baked in the heat.
Sunbaked salt flats.
source: wordnet30
(bread and pastries) cooked by dry heat (as in an oven)
(pastri dan roti) dimasak oleh panas kering (seperti dalam oven)
Baked goods.
source: wordnet30

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