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bagian belakang, belakang, penduduk, punggung, punggungnya,

Other Mathes:
been behind her, came up behind him, get behind em, had his back, halfway up his backside the, halfway up his backside, was behind it
all over my backside, an eye on me, are personally watching me, are watching me, been watching me, ever watchful of me, have been watch me, have been watching me, hover over me, keep an eye on me, keeping lookout for me now, keeps an eye on me, kept an eye on me, looks after me, me kept me out, mindin me, minding me, my backside, rather have watching my back, right on seeing me, stare at me significantly, two over there watching us, was watching me, watch over me, watched my back, watching me, who watching me, yourself watching me
oh my backside sore, ooh my backside sore
oh my backside, ooh my backside
is right behind that backside
is all over my backside
is all over my backside
oh my poor backside
put us on his backside
watch the backside got it
watch the backside, will bring up the rear
the backside of master jin
the backside of master

English to English

('b/&/k,s/aI/d )
noun (n)

the side of an object that is opposite its front
pinggir objek itu kebalikan nya depan
back end, rear
forepart, front, front end
source: wordnet30
the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
yang berisi bagian dari tubuh manusia yang awak duduk di
source: wordnet30
The hinder part, posteriors, or rump of a person or animal.
yang menghalang bagian, posteriors, atau dari bokong seseorang atau hewan.
source: webster1913

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