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belakang, mengungguli, punggung,

Other Mathes:
shall turn his back, shall turn your backs, turn backward
backs or the, backs or, the backs or the, their backs or
their backs and saying taste, their backs saying suffer, their backs taste
their backs and saying, their backs saying, their backs
backs or, the backs or, their backs or
averse then, should turn away then, should turn their backs, turn away o, turn away then
flee turning back the, flee turning their backs, have turned their backs retreating
and their backs and saying, and their backs saying, and their backs
shall turn their backs and, shall turn their backs, will turn their backs to
come to each other aid, commit to aiding, do each other favors, do it for each other, gerry help each other, got each other backs, got to stick together, great assistance to each other, have each ether backs, have each other backs, help each other out so
on their backs or, upon the backs or the
on their backs or, upon the backs or
on their backs, upon the backs
shall turn upon, will only turn, will stop believing, will turn away and, will turn away, will turn their backs in, will turn their backs, will turn, would have turned back, would turned
allah behind their backs as, god behind their backs as

English to English

noun (n)

Among leather dealers, the thickest and stoutest tanned hides.
diantara kulit pengedar, jadi yang terhebat dan stoutest tanned menyembunyikan.
source: webster1913

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