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ayah saja, jaga bayi tu ke, jaga, mengasuh, mengasuhnya, menjaga, merawat bayi,

Other Mathes:
know to babysit you, to babysit you, you to sign
have to watch her, must keep it, should check on him, should save yourself, supposed to watch them, to babysit him today, to babysit im
i babysit for, i babysit, uphold
babysat, babysit for, babysit
about enlisting, about registering, and register, for signing up, for the register, know to babysit, of applying, to babysit, to enlist, to enroll, to register that is right
will babysit your kids
gonna keep an eye on, gonna look after, ii cover, know who should hold, who should hold, will babysit, will stand guard, will stand watch over, will take care of, will wait by, will watch over
i will babysit the twins
i will babysit the
i will babysit, i will be over with, i will guard this, i will hold, i will take care of
gonna babysit my kid for
gonna babysit my kid
i will babysit your kids
i am going to stuff, i am gonna cover, i ii cover, i will babysit, i will stand guard, i will take care of, i will watch over
i even had to babysit

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