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asyik sekali, benar mengerikan, daebak, hah hah, hebat aku tahu, hebat sangat, hebat, keren apa, keren banget, keren jauh, keren yang, keren, luar biasa, luar biasaa, manteb, mengagumkan, mengagumkannya, menggerunkan, mengkagumkan, michelle tunggu tunggu

Other Mathes:
are so adorable, are so awesome, is so awesome
i love right, it is amazing, it is fucking awesome, it is so wonderful yes, it wonderfu
a really awesome, absolutely fascinating, are absolutely fantastic, are truly to be admired, is outstanding, is really awesome, is truly a wonder, real fucked up and awesome, really awesome, really resonated with, really work wonder, that is totally rad, was really amazing, was really something
it awesome, it s awesome, that is awesome, that is out there, that was awesome
is one well endowed lady, it is a beauty, it is fucking awesome, it is real cool, it is terrific
mllf mllf cheerlng, you are a dream, you are a marvel, you are a peach, you are amazing, you are awesome thank you, you are exceptionally, you are fully awesome, you are gonna be awesome, you are impossible, you are incredible
awesome it is, awesome that was, awesome yeah yeah it is, cool i have, cool is that, cool man that is, cool that is, cool was, is awesome it is, pretty cool that is, sick was that, was cool it
are extraordinary you, awesome are uou, awesome are you
always fascinated, it is amazing is, it is amazing, it is so amazing, it really is awesome to, it really is awesome, it was fascinating, just awesome, pretty impressive
going to be awesome, gonna be awesome, is going to be awesome, would be spectacular
gonna be so awesome, it would be awesome, it would be cool, it would be so cool, would be fucking awesome, would be kind of cool, would be so cool, would be so tight
are absolutely remarkable, are really outstanding, are really something else, do we have to believe, fucking unbelievable, fully awesome, genuinely amazing, is absolutely amazing, is absolutely incredible, is absolutely top drawer, is really amazing
absolutely fantastic, fucked up and awesome, really amazing
is pretty awesome huh, pretty amazing, pretty awesome, pretty damned awesome, pretty fascinating, quite amazing, was pretty eventfull
he is amazing, he is awesome, he is fascinating

English to English

('/O/s/@/m )
adjective (a)

Causing awe; appalling; awful; as, an awesome sight.
menyebabkan takjub; mengerikan; mengerikan; sebagai, sebuah i awesome/ pandangan aku.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

inspiring awe or admiration or wonder
inspirasi rasa atau kekaguman atau heran
The awesome complexity of the universe.
source: wordnet30

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