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dapat ambil, memikat hati, menarik perhatian, menarik,

Other Mathes:
attract any, attract attention did you, attract attention, attract the attention, attract too much attention, attracts attention, blowing us off for, call attention to us, draw any undue attention, draw attention away, draw attention to ourselves, draw attention to, draw attention, draw the attention of, drawing any attention, drawing attention, draws attention, drew attention, drew the attention, entice, gauge reaction, get the attention, inconspicuous, intentions were, is attracting, laying low, special interest pieces, to attract any
you will attract it, you will attract the way, you will attract, you will pull it
it attracts, it gets interesting, it is kind of interesting, it will attract, it will be interesting, it would be exciting, that is appealing
of us to attract disciples, us to attract disciples, us two attract twelve disciples
of us to attract, us to attract, us two attract
attract great, attract more, attract much, attracted a lot of, attracting a iot of, attracting a lot of, attracting way to much, attracting way too much, attracts lots of, atttract a lot of, draw lots, draw straws, drawn a lot of, exciting whole lot of, pulled a lot of, pulled a lot, pulled many, were getting a lot
attract them, attract those of, attract those, attracting them, attracts them, dragged them, draw em off, draw on them, draw their, draw them off, draw them on, draw them out, draw them, drawing them, drawn them near, drawn them, draws them, drew them on, drew them, drew those, pull them, pull those, pulled them, pulling them, pulls them, recall your men, their attractive, their eventual, withdraw them
attract you, attract your attention, caught your eye, draw your attention, draws your attention, get you to come, get your attention, got your interest, interest you, is you are interested, to attract you
pulling them, shall draw them, shall lead them, will attract those of, will attract those, will draw em off, will draw their
will attract attention, will attract too much attention, will draw attention to, will draw notice, will draw the attention of, will interest, will only draw attention, will sink my nails into, would amuse, would catch the attention of
are gonna pull, going to pull, gonna attract, gonna pull, shall lead
gonna haul it, gonna pull the pin there, gonna pull, gonna rip that thing, might pull through, will attract it, will attract the way, will pull it, will pull on it, will rip it, will take them away
are gonna attract every, will attract every
i ca not even attract, l ca not even attract
attract the concern of, attract the concern, be a memory, be missed, be remembered, echo across, judged for, last me, live in infamy, lives up to, remembered as such

English to English

(/@/'tr/&/kt )
noun (n)

source: webster1913

verb (v)

direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes
langsung menuju diri sendiri atau melalui beberapa psikologis atau kuasa atribut fisik
Her good looks attract the stares of many men.
source: wordnet30
be attractive to
untuk menjadi menarik
The beautiful garden attracted many people.
repel, repulse
source: wordnet30
exert a force on (a body) causing it to approach or prevent it from moving away
menggunakan kekuatan pada (mayat) penyebabnya pendekatan atau mencegahnya dari menjauh
The gravitational pull of a planet attracts other bodies.
source: wordnet30
To draw to, or cause to tend to; esp. to cause to approach, adhere, or combine; or to cause to resist divulsion, separation, or decomposition.
kualihkan ke, atau karena untuk dirawat; esp. menyebabkan untuk mendekati, melekat, atau menggabungkan; atau menyebabkan menolak divulsion, pemisahan, atau kebusukan.
source: webster1913

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