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ada jika, ada manapun, ada sebarang, ada sedikit pun, ada, adakah di, adakah satupun, apa ada di, apa ada yg, apa akan ada, apa apa juga, apa apa percanggahan, apa apa pun terima kasih, apa cara, apa jua, apapun tidak, apapun, asal ada, barang apa, batu amethyst tidak

Other Mathes:
any clues, any lead, any leads as to, any leads as, any leads on, any leads, are there any landmarks, available hints, contained a clue, contains a clue, did you get any clue, is there indication, marie any clues, no directive, some kind of clue, there a clue there, there a clue, there an instruction, there any clues, there any indications, there are clues, there was a hint, there were indications, traveling west, you find any clues, you have any leads
any signs of problems, if a problem, if anybody has any problem, if anything goes wrong, if something goes wrong you, if something goes wrong, if something were going on, if something were wrong, if there a problem, if there a rush, if there any problems, if there any trouble, if there are any problems, if there is a problem, if there is any problem, if there is any problems, if there is any trouble, if there is trouble, if there trouble, if there was a problem, if they have had trouble, if you figure, if you have any troubles, if you have problems you, in case of emergency, lf anything goes, lf i have any questions, lf there a problem here, lf there s trouble, lf you have any fears, now if there a rush, well if there any trouble, when there trouble, you have any problems
any cravings, any ideas, any notes, any pointers, any recommendations, any suggestions, can suggest another option, do you have any advice, get any suggestions, have any suggestions, have to advise, you get any suggestions, you got any advice
any further questions, any more questions, any other questions, anymore question, are there any more questions, are there any other questions, further questions, have any more questions, ofthe question, there any other questions, we have any further questions, were there any more questions
got any choice, got something better to do, had another choice, had another option, have a choice, have a solution either, have another choice, have another option, have any choice in, have any choice, have any other choice yeah, have any other choice, have any other option, have any other options, have got any other options, have had a choice, have other options, left with but one option, options off the table, ran out of options, really have a choice, really have any choice, running out of options here, stay another choice
all amongst you who, any of you do, any of you that
ai not got no cash, ai not got no money, did not have a budget, did not have any cash, did not have any money, did not have money, did not have nothing
any tips, do you have a suggestion, do you have any advice, got a suggestion, got any advice, got any ideas, got any suggestions, have a proposition, have a suggestion, have any suggestions, have got a suggestion, have some suggestions, nhave any suggestions, you have any advices
all amongst you, any of you people, any of you
and not one sou, ca not be any more, ca not be any
any more questions, any other questions, anyone else questions, bella scoffs anything else, do you have any questions, have any further questions feel, have any more questions or, have more questions, now then any more questions, there also another matter, there any other questions, there other questions
any message, any messages, are there any messages, can i take a message, good evening hello, have got a message, i am blowing, i have messages, is the message, is there a message, man receiving a message, oh any message, so look any messages, there a letter, there a message, there any messages, there is a message i, there is a message, there was a message, these messages are, they any messages, they are text messages, you have message, you have one message
any other option, any other options, are the other options, around and consider your options, be left with no choice, give us a choice, got something really nice, have a choice this time, have a choice, have another choice, have any other choice, have any other option left, have any other option, is there a choice, no other choice, of a better option, other viable option, there a choice, there another option, there any other choice, there any other options, there are other options, there is an alternative, there is another option, there were other options, there were some other options, we get the option, what option we got
all clapplng bartender any objections, any know of a reason, any objections, any of you have objections, any opposition, anybody object if, are there any objections, got no mind, one will make a fuss, seems nobody objecting, there any objections, there anyone here who will, there anyone here who would
any problem, any problems, any trouble good, any trouble whatsoever, any trouble, be any problem, is any problem

English to English

('/E/n/i/ )
adjective (a)

One indifferently, out of an indefinite number; one indefinitely, whosoever or whatsoever it may be.
satu indifferently, dari sebuah nomor terbatas; satu operasinya, barang siapa atau apa pun itu mungkin.
source: webster1913

adverb (r)

to any degree or extent
untuk setiap derajat atau lebih
It isn't any better.
source: wordnet30
To any extent; in any degree; at all.
untuk setiap tingkat; di setiap tingkat; sama sekali.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

one or some or every or all without specification
satu atau beberapa atau setiap atau semua tanpa spesifikasi
Give me any peaches you don't want.
Not any milk is left.
Any child would know that.
Pick any card.
Any day now.
Cars can be rented at almost any airport.
At twilight or any other time.
Beyond any doubt.
Need any help we can get.
source: wordnet30

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