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ada juga orang yang, ada juga orang, ada tambahan, baru lagi, beberapa meter lagi, belikan yang baru, dengan yang baru, di lain, di tempat yang lain, dilain, diri kamu lagi, dollar lagi, iblis jika tidak, iblis jika, ini bom, ini lagi sama, istri yang lain, juga orang lain, kesempatan lainnya, korban lainnya

Other Mathes:
be with another woman, been with another woman, on another woman, to another woman, to other women all, to other women, to this other woman, were with another woman, with another female, with another woman that is, with another woman that, with another woman, with another women, with other girls, with other woman, with other women, with some other woman, with the other woman
another complication, another issue and honestly, another issue, another matter entirely, another matter, another point, another problem, another speed bump, any other cliches, is another problem, just another speed bump, more problem, other problem right, other problem, other problems, pressing concern, some addendums, some other problems, some other questions, the issues of others, the other kind is fine
a deity besides, a deity with, a god along with, a god besides, a god with, another deity along with, another deity alongside, another deity besides, another god along with, another god besides, another god with god
of one another, of one by another, one another saying, one another, one of another, one to another as, one unto another, one with another, unto each other
advise one another to, advised each other to, advised one another to, charge one another with, counsel each other to, counsel each other unto, enjoin one another to, exhort one another to, urge upon one another to, urged one another to have, urged one another to
another chance at performing, another chance, another chick, another choice, another occasion to, another occasion, another opportunity, another shot, other choices, other opportunities, the next opportunity
a second helping, add again, add another, another bump, another refill
about another way in, know for emergencies, no other way, other way is there, there a different way, there another way in, there another way of, there another way to, there another way, there any other way, there are other ways to, there are other ways, there is another way, there no way around it, there was another way
have another problem, have got other problems, on another matter, the problem of another, there another point, there another problem, there are some addendums, there is another matter, there is another problem, there one more problem, there were other problems
fetch more, get one more, go get another one, grab some more, il take another two
backed one another, backed up one another, helped one another, helpers one of another, might assist one another, might help one another, to each other assistants, to help each other, to help one another
do you want another one, is not a diamond, like another drink, need another round, not a diamond, want another drink, wants another drink, would you care for another, would you like another drink
has other ways of, it is another thing to, other way is there to
another guy got, another guy, there another guy, there another man, there any man, there been other men, there was another guy, there was another man
a random excuse, another excuse, another good reason

English to English

(/@/'n/@//D//@/r )
pronoun (pro)

One more, in addition to a former number; a second or additional one, similar in likeness or in effect.
satu lagi, selain bekas nomor; kedua atau tambahan satu, rupa serupa dalam atau efeknya.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

any of various alternatives; some other
ada berbagai alternatif; beberapa yang lain
Put it off to another (or some other) day.
some other
source: wordnet30

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